GRP Trackside Enclosures Systems To PA05/07019 and PA05/06356

Graybar has extended its enclosures portfolio with a new line up of high quality GRP (glass reinforced polyester) products, Robust and reliable, and designed to meet the needs of the harshest trackside environments.

Life by the trackside can be very tough. Fumes and brake dust can be incredibly abrasive and debris is often sent flying at extremely high speeds. When designing any external electrical application one of the first, and most vital, considerations is the choice of enclosure. It is important to think about the location of the product and any possible hazards that it may face during its lifespan.
Graybar’s GRP enclosure systems provide excellent protection against impact and corrosion in the harshest of environments found trackside. Sealed to IP66 to protect against the ingress of dust and liquids, the GRP enclosures offer a robust construction, with innovative features such as an integral drip shield to direct liquids away from the door.

GRP offers ideal characteristics for enclosures, offering a high level of rigidity at minimal thicknesses. This equates to increased protection for a wide range of housed equipment and instrumentation, but in a lightweight, ergonomically pleasing design.
Having subjected the enclosures to rigorous testing, it was found that the tough GRP construction provides improved protection against knocks when compared with traditional metal enclosures. In addition they provide high IP protection, are resistant to the corrosive effect of brake dust, fumes and the weather, and afford superb electrical insulation.

Working trackside will always be a dangerous place for engineers and a harsh environment for equipment. Graybar consider it to be their responsibility to design solutions that will make this environment as safe as possible and we have found that GRP enclosures provide significant benefits to the protection and longevity of trackside installations and are committed to investing in this technology and providing complete electrical insulation at every stage.

The enclosures are available in eight standard sizes from 300x250x140mm up to 800x600x30mm.

For ultimate flexibility, Graybar offers a huge range of accessories for the enclosures, including mounting plates, Plinths, and locking options which can be readily installed or manufactured in our factory.

Graybar can also offer in-house modifications and a full customisation service, enabling enclosures to be tailored cost-effectively to meet specific application requirements. Modifications can include anything from milling and drilling, to custom cable entries.

An in-house design and installation service allows the GRP enclosures to be supplied fitted with DIN rail, electrical components, terminals and much more.


Fibreglass reinforced polyester (GRP). It is the best insulated material available in the market. Particularly suitable for all outdoor applications where polyester offers the best quality and a prolonged life span even in the most adverse weather or chemical conditions. In addition, it is a non-hygroscopic and UV stabilized material, which guarantees an optimal performance rated from -50º +120º

Self-extinguishing and flame retardant Fibreglass reinforced polyester (GRP) does not spread the fire. It is a thermo setting material and it will not melt or deform in case of fire or overheating. On the contrary, thermoplastic materials do melt, easily deteriorate and can usually spread the fire which will cause a considerable damage in the system..

Power and heat conductivity: Due to the complete insulation properties, there is absolutely no danger when handling a fibreglass reinforced polyester enclosure and there is no risk of electric shock. In addition, due to the excellent thermal insulating properties of fibreglass reinforced polyester, any external heat source will not damage the equipment mounted in the enclosure, contrary to the traditional steel enclosure which been a high heat conductive can cause considerable damages on the internal equipment.

Complete absence of toxic components and heavy metals. Complying with the European directive, RoHS in regards with hazardous substances.

GRP Trackside Enclosures Systems To PA05/07019 and PA05/06356 products: