Introduction: Graeme Ford (Managing Director)

Welcome to this latest edition of our GrayBar Catalogue, the first completely new issue for many years, packed with many additional pages of GrayBar products designed to meet the stringent demands of tomorrows railway infrastructure into the 21st Century.

Since the formation of GrayBar as an exclusive railway materials manufacturing company in 1990, with our Headquarters located in Wellingborough, UK, we have continued to expand our range of high quality, proven performance cable accessories for many power, signalling and telecommunication applications.

Our comprehensive cable accessory range is supplemented by our world class, GrayBar self-regulating point heating system, fully designed and manufactured in-house for installation on main line railway, light rail and tram systems.

Our self-regulating point heating system, using our insulated sheathed element and insulated heat shield, carries a full Railtrack Acceptance Certificate for performance and has been the preferred choice of our customers on many railway projects over the years, both in the UK and overseas with installations that include;

• Channel Tunnel Rail Link
• French and Belgian Metro systems.
• Stockholm Metro system.
• Railways of Norway and Finland.
• Docklands Light Railway in London.
• Paddington to the West including Heathrow junction.
• London Underground infrastructure.
• The South East, Midlands and North West Zones of the National Network.
• Tram systems across the UK from Croydon, Sheffield, Manchester to Glasgow.
• Gauge 1 garden railway power supply cubicle - fully commissioned by GrayBar!

Future railway networks increasingly demand modern, safe and reliable products and we at GrayBar continually strive to enhance our standards, exceeding the basic needs of our valued customers.

Finally please do not hesitate to contact the GrayBar team with your enquiries, whether your design and material needs are shown in our catalogue or not – I am sure we can help you.

Graeme Ford
Managing Director