UK based specialist manufacturer of products for the rail industry

Welcome to our website which contains a comprehensive range of products all designed and manufactured for installation on railway infrastructure, both in the UK and overseas markets.

We are celebrating a very successful 30 years since our formation and have become a world leader in self-regulating switchpoint heating systems used in high speed (HS1) routes, Network Rail, UK, light rail systems throughout the UK and trampoint heating systems.

We are actively working with design consultants, railway authorities and installation contractors to ensure the right product fits the right application and this is supported by technical staff and a commissioning team to handover the complete system package.

In addition, as the main supplier to Network Rail and others our cable accessories include a very wide range of railway approved signalling cable joints, termination kits, power cable and telecoms cable joints, cable glands, moisture barrier kits all designed specifically for installation out in the harsh railway trackside environment.

Our signalling trackside enclosures, which comprise a wide range of sizes, secure locking and terminal arrangements for post, wall, base and gantry mounting are manufactured from durable GRP or the alternative stainless steel and we offer a high quality product, custom manufactured in our UK, Wellingborough works and fully approved for use in critical signalling systems.

We are always on the end of a phone or email to help answer your questions and assist you in making your choice of product for the application.

Therefore please do not hesitate in contacting our sales team for further information and advice.

Points & Heating

Our Self Regulating Points Heating Systems and Conductor rail heating systems boasts all control Gear and Transformers in one cubicle, reducing both cost and installation time, and is fully approved by Network Rail and London Underground.

Graybar manufacture a full range of heating systems for AC, DC and third rail applications, along with junction boxes and all types of heater strips.

GRP Distribution Systems

Specialising in GRP Cable management products, we offer high integrity lightweight distribution Systems.

These include enclosures, integrated plinths with full cable management, posts and wall mounting solutions.

10 Year Product & System Warranty

Graybar's Self-Regulating Heaters have a 40 year service life.

It is for this reason that we include a 10 year product and system Warranty on our Self-Regulating Heaters.

PADS Approved

PADS approved products from Graybar include:

  • Full Points Heating Systems
  • GRP Dis Boxes, Pedestals and Cable Management Systems
  • Cable Accessories, including Power, Signalling and Axle Counter Joint Kits
  • Track Kits
  • Identification
  • Full range of heat shrink, Brass and Compression Glands

We can offer a full in-house engineering, design and Commissioning package, when it comes to choosing your Points Heating or GRP Dis Box requirements. Graybar can also compliment this by offering specialist components and consumables, making it easy to buy everything from one source.

Also specialising in the manufacture of Restricted Access safety products and offering one of the largest range of GRP Enclosure systems in the UK for this and may other Applications, along with bespoke engineering products such as Signal Posts, and Identification products.

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