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Points Heating, Signalling Distribution & Accessories

GrayBar is a UK based specialist manufacturer of products for the rail industry, with an impressive portfolio of products that have received PADS approval from Network Rail.

We have collaborated very closely with Network Rail and leading Contractors to be the only UK supplier of Self Regulating Points Heating Systems, coupled with cutting edge Signalling Distribution Systems and the largest range of Rail Approved Cable Accessories in the industry for use on UK, Irish and European rail, Underground and Tramway infrastructures.

GrayBar have successfully designed and manufactured many innovative products to support both Network Rail and TFL in their pursuit of working towards a safer and cost effective Rail Network.

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  • 10 Reasons to Choose GrayBar
    Points Heating, Signalling Distribution and Accessories

  • High Speed Points Heating
    Many of the high-speed points installed on the UK’s railways require an effective heating area of each rail up to 20 metres in length to meet performance and requirements. 

  • Remote Condition Monitoring
    With an increasing demand to monitor performance of assets on the railways, GrayBar has increased its Remote Monitoring Capability on Points Heating Control Cubicles, to adapt and give the user more comprehensive data.