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10 reasons to choose GrayBar no9

Points Heating, Signalling Distribution and Accessories

9. Our signalling trackside enclosures are fully approved for use in critical signalling systems and environments

GrayBar have a wide range of Network Rail PADS Approved Disconnection Boxes/GRP Enclosure Systems for many Signalling Applications including:

  • Signals
  • Points
  • Axle Counters
  • SATWS (Semi-Automatic Train Warning System
  • Points Heating
  • Restricted Clearance
  • Stations
  • Coastal Areas
  • Level crossings
  • RCM
  • AWS
  • TPWS

All our Dis Boxes are manufactured using PADS Approved Terminals, Locking Systems and Ventilation, we can also supply a wide range of Approved Trackside Mounting options, including Stakes, Frames and Location Base Mounted Plinths.