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10 reasons to choose GrayBar no6

Points Heating, Signalling Distribution and Accessories

6. The largest range of Rail Approved Cable Accessories in the industry, including Signalling & Power Cable Joints and Track Circuit Accessories

GrayBar is a certified ISO 9001 organisation developing a wide variety of Heatshrinkable Cable Accessories and Point Heating Systems. Cable Accessory Systems are supplied internationally for cabling networks in the Railway Industry.

Working in conjunction with Railway Engineers, GrayBar have introduced a combination of specialised kits suitable for the most hostile environmental conditions. High Electrical Integrity and Protection against Impact Damage and Moisture Ingress combine to ensure high levels of Quality & Safety

Point Heating systems, Track Circuit accessories, Multicore Signalling and Power cable jointing solutions and general Heatshrinkable S & T cable accessories are included in the range, as well as our new range of axle counting cable accessories.

Most of the Graybar kits supplied have associated PADS identification reference numbers.

Graybar Kits are suitable for cables manufactured to Railway Signalling Cable Specification RT/ E / PS/ 00005 & Unit Twin Copper Compound filled Telecommunication Cables Specification RT / E / PS / 00015

Highly experienced personnel are able to advise about any product application from our extensive range, or discuss development of new applications.

Product familiarisation presentations can be provided that are designed to help promote the required product installation skills.