Point Heating & Conductor Rail Heating Materials

Our self-regulating point heating system, using our insulated sheathed element and insulated heat shield, carries a full Railtrack Acceptance Certificate for performance and has been the preferred choice of our customers on many railway projects over the years, both in the UK and overseas.

Electric conductor rail heating can be in the form of series resistance or self-regulating heating elements attached to the upper web of the conductor rail, positioned as close to the underside of the rail head as possible for maximum heating efficiency.

Both types of heater can be supplied in long circuit lengths, however in this particular application it is beneficial to use self-regulating heater elements where the heater consists of a semi-conducting polymer between two bus wire conductors running the length of the product. Therefore, unlike series resistance and constant wattage heaters, there is no filament to burn out and the heater will only draw the optimum power in response to the rail temperature.

Also the self-regulating heater, being of a parallel circuit configuration, can respond to different rail temperatures along the same circuit length. It therefore follows that, under certain conditions, the heater will draw more power at the more exposed end of the circuit when compared to the other end of the same circuit.

The heated conductor rail surface temperature only needs to be around +3deg.C for effective protection because overheating the rail simply wastes power.

In addition the heater derives its power from the 750Volt DC conductor rail traction supply making the installation very simple and cost effective.


Point Heating Systems