Remote Condition Monitoring

Point Heating Remote Monitoring Unit (RCM) CDS Version

The point heating monitoring unit is mounted in the front on the point heating control cubicle and shown is the CDS (PHM) type but alternative compatible units are available and can integrate fully into a remote-control centre. (MPEC)

CDS Monitoring System

NEW - MPEC RCM Monitoring

As an alternative to the CDS monitoring a new compact RCM Module has been recently developed - MPEC including a SCADA interface monitoring.

It is also a swing frame unit, mounted as shown below in the PHCC control side.


MPEC RCM Monitoring System


For remote condition monitoring and switching/control of the heating circuits 'volt free' contacts from Contactor and aux inputs are pre-wired to a Din mounted block as standard. A rail temperature probe is also connected to the RCM for rail temperature monitoring purposes only.

Consult GrayBar for additional requirements such as remote switching devices, secondary MCB/RCD circuit breakers and current measuring CT’s for provision for Remote Condition Monitoring.

Customer Option.

The MPEC has all the features of the CDS unit with the following key monitoring key interface, volt free contact pairs:

  • Power supply fault – monitoring of mains power supply to PHCC
  • Low temperature on – indicates when temperature fall below set point
  • Low temperature fault – indicates when PHCC has not energised at low temperature
  • Contactor fault – remote alarm contactor fails to close
  • Contactors on – indicates when all contactors have close correctly
  • Heater fault – indicates when heater current is zero
  • Heater on – indicates when all heaters are function correctly
  • Self-check on – indicates self-diagnostic of system
  • Engineer’s service - switch on – to switch out remote monitoring activity
  • Door open – indicates unauthorised access alarm

The SCADA interface can be by hard wire, fibre optic or wireless connection using an in-built aerial.