Trampoint Heating Systems

GrayBar trampoint heating systems are designed for installation on tram infrastructure in the UK and overseas markets.

Our design uses our well proven self-regulating heater elements and integral switchpoint heating control cubicles but with different arrangements to our ‘heavy rail’ switchpoint heating.

Using the filament free polymer heater element gives the benefit of being able to provide a sealed heating unit under the street positioned adjacent to the heated rail section. This results in a maintenance free, long life installation with efficient heating just where it is needed.

The controls are mounted in a cubicle designed for street installation, with a secure locking arrangement and with heating monitored from a rail probe to monitor rail surface temperature and ensure effective heating even under extreme weather conditions.

In areas away from public access the design can be adapted for ballasted switchpoints, again with tram style cubicles for ease of maintenance.

Our trampoint heating system has been used on most UK tram networks and, with its well proven reliability and efficiency over many years, continues to be the favoured option for future installations and extensions to existing networks.

Remote condition monitoring can be included to feed continuous status data back to the maintenance control room.