Croydon Tram Network

Tram Points Heating

As part of continued maintenance and upgrades, GrayBar installed Temperature Probes for both Trackside and Street Level locations.


Croydon Tram Points Heating Trackside

Using IP66 GRP Weatherproof Enclosures, these have been fitted to a number of cubicles on the Network, to allow them to continue to function and extend the working life of the Cubicles.


Street Level:

Croydon Tram Points Heating Street Level

These Temperature Probe housings are aluminium and are also further protected by a Hot Dipped Galvanised Cage, giving added protection and security for cubicles situated in the busy urban cente of Croydon.


GrayBar offer a comprehensive range of Tram Point Heating solutions, in: stainless steel, mid steel, and GRP.

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