Docklands Light Railway

Self-regulating Rail Head Heating

GrayBar are the preferred supplier of Points Heating on The Docklands Light Railway Network, and were commissioned with the task of delivering a solution to prevent the trains slipping on the rail due to moisture on the rails.

West India Quay Cubicle

Using 5KVA transformers, one per heater strip. allowed GrayBar to supply heaters 22 metres in length. This system was installed on a number of sites including; West India Quay, Woolwich Extension & Woolwich Arsenal.

This system could also be a solution when installing High Speed Points, as it offers the following advantages:

  • Only 4 heaters strips per point, as opposed to multiple heater kits
  • Less cabling as only one 8 core cable per point outgoing from the cubicle
  • Only one TCB required
  • Less construction and installation time, as transformers are integral within the cubicle
  • Reduced maintenance and spares
  • Simpler RCM options, less hardware required, whilst still being able to monitor all the heaters and control gear

Springs Branch Case Study

West India Quay 22m Heater Strip

GrayBar offer design, production and supply of track heating systems, enclosures and accessories for the rail industry.

We have an impressive portfolio of products that have received PADS approval from Network Rail.