Self-regulating point heating systems can make use of the benefits of an integral design of control cubicle containing individual contactors, internal 100-volt transformers, secondary circuit protective devices and simple, reliable weather monitoring devices.

The GrayBar integral control cubicle has been successfully functionally tested in an environmental chamber with the air temperature reduced to - 25°C.

This design of heating system control enables the maintenance engineer to locate all the supply circuit components within a single enclosure thus avoiding the safety hazard of walking the trackside to maintain individual trackside oil filled transformers.

In addition, the life of the control cubicle, circuit components and associated dry type transformers is extended to 25 years (note: jelly filled trackside transformers may have a shorter service life performance due to the effects of contamination).

Within the control cubicle the following are housed: -

(a) An isolator on the incoming power supply.

(b) A contactor to control each integral transformer.

(c) An override switch.

(d) Primary and secondary circuit protective devices.

(e) Primary and secondary ‘healthy’ circuit lamp indication.

(f) Hours run meter.

(g) Cable entry glands.

(h) Multiple earth bonding.

(i) Thermostatically controlled internal cubicle heating.

(j) Identification labelling.

(k) Space envelope for Remote Condition Monitoring.