GrayBar self-regulating strip heaters are installed onto the rails in a similar manner to other electric strip heaters but use a unique design of spring clip which remains firmly attached to the rail under even the most severe environmental conditions.

In addition, our self-regulating heater element when installed for point heating using spring clips, is NEVER positioned under the rail head as this is the most inefficient position for heat transfer into the foot if the rail and the strip is difficult to hold in place with spring clips. It is well known that constant wattage strips can fall off the rail after a short period of time as a result of poor design.

Switch points from size AV to HV should be supplied from a suitably rated transformer via an 8-core cable, with a minimum conductor size of 1.5mm² (GrayBar uses 4mm²), to a 4-way socket outlet block or off-track connection box.

Unlike constant wattage heaters, self-regulating strip heaters are available in long strip lengths and these lengths are tabled in the appropriate Railtrack Standard.