The GrayBar cubicles are of a robust construction and are designed to be suitable for installation outdoors at a railway trackside location. The cubicles are designed to be 100% reliable throughout each heating period (historically from 1st October to 1st May each year but now continuous throughout year) and have a life expectancy of 25 years.

The total weight of the cubicle has been designed to be kept to a minimum to enable the enclosure to be easily manhandled to site in a safe and secure manner thus avoiding the need for heavy lifting equipment.

The standard of water ingress protection between the outer enclosure through to the internal circuit components is IP 66.

The cubicle enclosure is constructed of mechanically abraded stainless-steel plate with a thickness of 2.5mm. Bespoke paint finishes are available to order and the paint finish is a primer etch coating with additional layers of powder coated non-reflective heat-treated paint.

The doors are removable and include a locking handle with integral ASSA type B stainless steel barrel, which is easily interchangeable to suit specific customer security requirements.

The cubicle has effective air circulation with thermostatically controlled internal space heating and internal component sub assembly enclosures to prevent condensation.

The cubicle is designed to be installed on a concrete plinth with the root of the enclosure drilled for the purposes of fixing by the installer.

All nuts, bolts and washers are brass or zinc plated Class A, Zn 10 in accordance with BS 1706.