Installations using 200W cartridge heaters, 100W to 200W pad heaters together with certain types of constant wattage strip heaters, are only effective down to an ambient temperature of - 15°C. These are not the most effective systems currently available.

However, our GrayBar self-regulating strip heater, which has a high potential power output, is made of material that is non-conducting and because of this property has a unique application.

This type of heater, with an insulated sheath, is the recommended strip heater for point heating in 3rd and 4th rail DC electrified track where the conductor rail passes through or is adjacent to the points.

It is also the most suitable for installation in locations where the ambient temperature may drop as low as - 25°C in extreme weather conditions and to - 40°C (overseas) when using our double element heater strips.

The GrayBar self-regulating strip heater is also the only self-regulating product that can generate, when the weather conditions demand, a power output in excess of 200 Watts per metre (W/m) and is recommended by our UK and European customers as the preferred method of heating points.

Our strip heaters are also available in short lengths as emergency replacements for single defective pads and cartridge heaters.