The heat output from the self-regulating strip heater depends upon the heat loss from the rail to which it is attached. I.e., the greater the heat loss the higher the heat output to maintain the rail at its optimum temperature to ensure that each rail is clear of snow and ice between the ‘toe’ and ‘heel’ end of the point. Therefore, unlike constant wattage heaters, the self-regulating heater is energy efficient along its length but can also increase its heat output in excess of 210W/m under the coldest conditions.

In addition, the initial in-rush power allows the heater to quickly drive up the rail temperature to prevent the initial freezing of the points and/or the build up of snow and ice on the points if a sudden sharp frost or snow fall occurs.

Requirements for track circuit immunity can be met by the use of our insulated sheathed self-regulating element and insulated protective channel.

The GrayBar heater is unique in being the only self-regulating product to be designed and developed specifically for point heating and typical approximate power draw values are:


*Watts Per Metre

+ 5°c




- 5°c


- 10°c