The Control Cubicle is supplied complete with all switchgear, weather monitoring units and integral panel wiring and should be installed on a suitable, level, concrete base. The control cubicle enclosure must be located at least 3.5m from the nearest running rail and situated in a safe location to provide access for maintenance. Safe recess areas should not be obstructed.

A sealing compound should be applied between the enclosure and the concrete base to prevent ingress of water.

The weather monitoring control unit temperature sensors and snow detector form an integral part of the control cubicle enclosure and should be located where they can accurately monitor the weather conditions. Care should be taken to avoid locating the control cubicle where it may be protected from the elements e.g., bridges.

Due to the vulnerable nature and unreliability of rail temperature probes the use of these devices is not recommended and, with self-regulating point heating systems, rail temperature probes are not necessary because the heater element itself ‘reads’ the rail temperature along the length of the heater element.