Many Constant Wattage Systems can involve modifications to the Permanent Way, extensive track possession times, can affect the integrity of signalling systems during installation and maintenance and are frequently prone to element failure.

GrayBar Self-Regulating Strip Heating Systems suffer none of these problems and provide the following advantages: -

  • Low power usage with the ability to respond directly to changes in ambient conditions and precipitation.
  • Optimum power consumption (typically as much as 30% in savings).
  • Focuses the heat onto the critical areas of the point between the ‘Heel’ and ‘Toe’ where and when it is needed.
  • High long-term vibrations and impact resistance.
  • Non-Filament element giving long life (40+ years) with a 10-year service guarantee.
  • Element cannot overheat or burn out.
  • Flexibility of product; easily conforms to rail profile and other Permanent Way obstructions.
  • ‘Insulated‘ product design giving additional immunity and compatibility with signalling systems and a strong safety case for mandatory use on 3rd and 4th DC Railway Networks.
  • Long circuit lengths are possible for High-Speed Turnouts.
  • Supplied as a customised kit of parts.
  • No unreliable Temperature Probes are required on track.
  • A simplified and reliable Control System can be installed.
  • Easily transportable to Site.
  • Installation is fast and straightforward minimising Track Possession Times.